Add versatility without buying a new wardrobe!

Wish your wardrobe was more diverse, without having to spend a fortune on new clothes? Assembling the perfect outfit can be a daunting task, especially when ensuring you have clothes for every occasion, from an afternoon out shopping to a casual dinner, to a professional event, to going out on the town. Many women spend thousands of dollars on clothing that they only use once, and then serves only to clutter their closet.

Necklettes modeling 'Carnation'

Necklettes is a stylish solution to that problem! Using magnets—and leaving no pin holes! —Necklettes embellish any garment in seconds. It takes your existing clothing and transforms into an entirely new outfit! Give your casual t-shirt a cool, eye-catching look. Going out on the town after work? Attach Necklettes to your dress to turn it into something cute and stylish, without having to go home and change. Mix and match. Try different designs.

With Necklettes, you are your own personal stylist; half the fun takes place in front of the mirror! With multiple designs and ways to embellish your clothing, the possibilities for creating a totally unique outfit are endless.

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